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The Past's Skybound Bane

Latest release by Samuel Simons

Two centuries ago, the Liberated World’s sorcerous tyrants vanished. Their ancient magics and soul-eating technologies are outlawed in the Phoenix Empire, which has all but won its struggle for freedom from their lingering influence.

Melody is a priestess: a leader, a counsellor, and a healer. When a calamity of magic slaughters a village and ends the fragile peace, she fears she will find the role of avenger far more difficult.

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The Past's Skybound Bane, Cover
Samuel Simons

Samuel Simons

Author of the War Eternal's Ashes series

Growing up in B.C., Canada, Samuel didn't read books: he read universes.

Looking up to master world-builders, he's always sought to know more about the settings between the pages of his favourite novels.

Notebook and Pen

Author Bio

Samuel Simons (he/him) has been telling stories in one form or another for decades. Whether he's developing an original universe such as the Eternity River, running a tabletop game for a group of friends, writing fiction in online communities, or dabbling in poetry, Samuel always looks to the setting in search of the context and deeper truths which inform any piece of art.

No story happens in a vacuum: a tale's world shapes its characters, its plot, and the feelings the reader comes away with.

"As thinking and feeling beings, what becomes different and what remains the same for us when the world isn't what we expect?"

Step into the spheres of the Eternity River, and immerse yourself in the vibrant realities a burning question can produce.

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