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All Books and Bonus Content by Samuel Simons

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Below is the complete selection of titles by Samuel Simons, organized by series. At the bottom of the page is a link to bonus content available to mailing list subscribers.

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“The smallest meaningful unit of magical power is one mortal life.”

"Turas val Res rashei situmasaiti reshes reshai atii eshet."

So said the Ancients, the rulers of the Spellbound World… until, a century ago, they vanished along with the light in the skies.

Explore the place now known as the Liberated World, which is slowly recovering from a sun-killing Cataclysm.

Short stories, character bios, deleted scenes, and more!

Available to readers who sign up for the mailing list. Only major events (new book launches, public signings) will be emailed: no spam, and no hassle.

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