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When new books by Samuel Simons launch, you will be informed at the email address you submit here. When you sign up, you'll receive a thank-you email with a password to access bonus materials.

You have the following guarantee: Eternity River Publishing will never spam you, give your information to anyone, or contact you about anything not related to the Eternity River universe.

When you have the password, scroll down below this dialogue and click the "Bonus Content" button to access short stories, deleted scenes, and character bios.

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Bonus Content

Sign up for the mailing list above to be sent a password, then click this link to access behind-the-scenes materials including:

  • A short story about the Last Spellbound House's 'Founders'

  • Deleted scenes featuring characters in the books

  • Character bios for the mysterious Ancients;

  • Details on the constructed language known as Old Ancient or Seliureos;

  • A selection of commissioned art and fan art (coming soon)

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